«I saw the destruction of the landscape and I can feel the pain of the hurt and injured and tortured olive trees. My heart cries and mourns with my people.»

Sumaya Farhat-Naser

Injustice – and We Are Watching

After decades of Israeli occupation and military violence, people continue to fight for their right to live in freedom.

Both Israelis and Palestinians have the right to a life of dignity and self-determination – without having to fear danger, humiliation or being forced into exile. The occupation is strangling the Palestinian economy and aggravating the marketing of agricultural products within the country as well as abroad. More and more families are facing financial ruin. The wall, which has partly been built through the finest agrarian area, restricts Palestinian life and is slowly suffocating it. The Palestinian's access to water has literally been cut off.

Fear of annihilation exists on both sides. Only mutual respect, equality and economic security will bring about the end of this conflict.


The Campaign

Our group consists of women and men who are either personally impacted by or deeply concerned about the tragedy in the Middle East and who want to become involved in finding solutions. Some of them have been working on long-term projects, which transcend borders, especially in the areas of health, education, support of women and agriculture.


We Have and Give Hope

We import organic olive oil and the spice mix Za'tar from Palestine as well as sympathy cards which we offer for sale all over Switzerland. Profits are used to support small farmers as well as aid projects in Palestine. The program also helps to foster understanding between those involved in this conflict.

In solidarity with our goals, about 400 volunteers sell our campaign products to different locations in Switzerland.