Olive Oil From Palestine: Virgin, Bought From the Farmers at Fair Trade Prices and of the Highest Quality

For thousands of years, the olive tree in the Middle East and the Mediterranean area has been a symbol for peace and a good life. The fruit of the olive tree is for many people a basic food requirement and an important source of income.

PARC buys olive oil from farmers' cooperatives and families for a fair price, thereby preventing them from selling the oil, their only means of income, for a price below its true value. In contrast to European olive oil, the Palestinian product is not subsidized by the EU.

Olive oil from PARC is of high quality. The UFAG-laboratories in Sursee, Lucerne, Switzerland, which are certified by the government for the quality testing of foods, examines samples of our olive oil on a regular basis and testifies to the high quality of our product.

We offer a bottle (0.5 liters) of organic olive oil for the fair price of CHF 21.–

Other sizes and types of containers can be found at Gebana
> ch.gebanashop.ch

Supporting Projects by Buying Olive Oil

Following up last year's tremendous success, we are again selling olive oil in many locations in Switzerland this fall - on market stands and in shops, in congregations and in parishes - all with the volunteer help of different groups, associations, organizations and by individuals young and old. Some of our shops offer our products all year round. If you would like to find out more about our sales, have a look at our list of retail outlets.

A good ecological balance in spite of the long distance

In Al Ram near the Qalandia checkpoint the canisters with the Palestinian olive oil are packed into a container in which they will be shipped all the way to the Emmental. The journey begins on a semitrailer to the nearest Israeli port, Ashdod or Haifa. From there the container travels on a freighter to Rotterdam where it is transferred to a riverboat on the Rhine. The last leg of the journey is by train from the Rhine port in Basel to the workshop for handicapped BEWO in Oberburg, where the olive oil is bottled.