One third of the income from sales as well as donations from our campaign has been used to support a number of projects.

In Connection With Olive Oil

Distribution of olive oil – CHF 17'000
From the sale of sympathy cards and thanks to a number of donations, olive oil was distributed to particularly deprived families in refugee camps in the Gaza-strip; project partner Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC).


Rural Development

Solar energy – CHF 15'000
Solar electrification and water development and maintenance in the south Hebron hills and formation of a Palestinian sustainability team; project partner CometME.

Agricultural Projekt – CHF 15'000
Support of agricultural production according to environment-friendly criteria; agro ecologie; project partner Arab Agronomist Association (AAA).


Women, Children and Youth

Kindergarten – CHF 15'000
Nursery schools for Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, a project of PalCH.

Community Health – CHF 15'000
Community Health Worker School in Ramallah, education and training for rural health workers; project partner Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS).